• Can your place accommodate large groups?
    Our place, which is located in the most pleasant part of Polonezköy, has a 5000 square meter area and also accommodates large groups. You can prefer us with an easy mind especially for your wedding & engagement organizations.
  • Do you shoot photos for wedding and engagement organization?
    We are working with a professional team for your wedding and engagement organizations and we take both photos and videos.
  • Is it possible to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in your cafe and restaurant on weekdays or on weekends?
    As long as you make a reservation, you can dine in our café and restaurant on weekdays and weekends.
  • Where should I apply for price information?
    You can fill out our reservation form for price information and reservation procedures. Our customer representative will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Do you have special menu options?
    It is possible to offer a special menu option as long as you give notice before. We can prepare vegan and vegetarian menus, or we can offer another menu that suits you.
  • Are you organizing a personalized event?
    We organize personalized events and invitations in line with the demands of our guests. Our professional team applies different concepts and designs for special invitations and organizations.

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